The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) had installed a number of energy and power management systems throughout their facilities at Dublin Airport.    The authority wished to integrate all of information gathered by these systems into one energy management and budgeting system for the airport. Premium Power (www.premiumpower.ie) was chosen to design, supply and integrate a bespoke energy management software solution, which could achieve this goal automatically.

“This software system provides a powerful Web view of energy & utility consumption and budgeting, which can be used enterprise wide by authorised managers within the facility.”

-DAA Technical Services Manager


Athlone Extrusions, a leading thermoplastic extruding and compounding company based in Athlone, Ireland, was concerned about the production reliability issues posed by the high levels of harmonic distortion generated by their extruding equipment. These levels were above those allowed by the supply utility.  In addition it wished to reduce energy costs by keeping the load power factor at a low level.

Athlone extrusions chose Premium Power (www.premiumpower.ie) to undertake a power factor and harmonic study and, to design supply and commission an integrated solution for the plant.

The solution supplied by Premium Power included individually designed harmonic filter banks, dimensioned to provide the necessary power factor correction and to reduce the harmonic distortion to levels acceptable for the sensitive production plant and to the electrical supply utility.

According to Seamus Farrell, Engineering Manager at Athlone Extrusions, ‘Premium Power has the high level of expertise and analytical skills required to deliver this critical engineering solution for our plant’.

- Seamus Farrell, Engineering Manager

MSD Avondale , a world leading pharmaceutical company, had a requirement for a multifunctional SCADA system that could deal with their complex electrical network which has grown over a 40yr period and, track energy usage within their facility at Rathdrum, County Wicklow.

“This system (provided by Premium Power) is of great benefit running the plant. It allows  system efficiency to be monitored and enhanced.  Energy saving goals can be set and the resulting savings monitored and quantified. Load capabilities for system extensions. It enhances the reliability of mission critical systems and processes within the plant by predictive analysis using advanced power monitoring features”.

Stephen Moore, Electrical Engineer-in-charge

Trinity College Dublin is planning a significant increase in electrical load over the coming years as part of the campus development program.  The University required an electrical engineering specialist company to survey, review and redesign their site wide high voltage installation in order to meet the requirements of the extra load and of the supply utility. The University choose Premium Power to undertake this study.

According to Kieron McGovern, Engineering  Services Manager, Premium Power studied our existing high voltage network and delivered a comprehensive solution design, together with a plan of action that will enable us to move forward with our building expansion over the coming years. We are very happy with the service provided by Premium Power”.